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Posted: September 24, 2011 in Talk about

Mellow greetings and a hearty welcome to the new talkwars blog page.  It is a pleasure and an honor to have you as our guest on the worlds only true nonpartisan point-counterpoint blog on the web.  The free flow of ideas and opinions have been the core strength of the American political system and a beacon for the world to follow. Boisterous and disorganized, the political discourse moves us forward to ever greater heights of social and political achievement. This is the essence of democracy and freedom. To offer your words to others in the great dialogues of our day in the hopes of finding solutions and winning allies in efforts to reach our ultimate goals.

They say that Americans have an opinion about everything; they suggest that we try to provide solutions for the entire world through our political and economic apparatus.  Perhaps.  But in the end, Americans will continue to express their ideas and opinions as it is our nature to do so.  Here at Talkwars, we cherish that nature and appreciate its true value.  The talkwars team hopes you will enjoy your stay and provide your valued input, ideas and solutions to todays growing social and political challenges.
Lets get ready to ruuummmbbblle!!!